Member Clinics Print
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  1. Butler County Clinic, P.C.
  2. Central Nebraska Medical Clinic, P.C.
  3. Columbus Family Practice
  4. Columbus Medical Center
  5. Columbus Otolaryngology Clinic
  6. Crete Area Medical Center
  7. Fairbury Clinic, P.C.
  8. Family Medical Center of Hastings, P.C.
  9. Family Practice Associates, P.C.
  10. Fillmore County Medical Center, P.C.
  11. Friend Medical Center, P.C.
  12. Hastings Family Practice.
  13. Hastings Internal Medicine, P.C.
  14. Howard County Medical Clinic
  15. Johnson County Medical Center
  16. Lifecare Family Medicine of Bellevue, P.C.
  17. Lincoln Family Medical Group P.C.
  18. Memorial Health Care Systems
  19. McCook Clinic, P.C.
  20. Midlands Healthcare Group
  21. Obstetricians & Gynecologists, P.C.
  22. Plum Creek Medical Group, P.C.
  23. Saline Medical Specialties
  24. Superior Family Medical Center
  25. Thayer County Health Services
  26. Witter Family Medicine
  27. York Medical Clinic, P.C.
  28. York Surgical Associates, P.C.