Audiometric Testing and Hearing Conservation Print

BoothesThe Mobile Health Screening Unit has seven hearing booths, and hearing is tested using the CCA-200 Computer Controlled Audiometer. Tests can be conducted in ten different languages to meet the diverse needs of your employees. The CCA-200 tests hearing 25-40% faster than standard equipment.

Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. Exposure to potentially hazardous noise levels is a fact of life in the workplace. It is one of the industry's most common occupational health problems, affecting 30 million American workers.

Our mobile unit Is equipped with Benson Computer- Controlled Audiometers, Model CCA-200.

  • Comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95.
  • Exceed ANSI S3.6-1989 standards for audiometers.DSCN0625
  • Table D criteria for sound booths.
  • Validate entered data to ensure more than just a valid audiogram.
  • Perform multi-tasking to ensure testing, data entry, and printing all occur simultaneously.
  • Automatically mark errors, retest errors and questionable thresholds.
  • Provide voice instructions in ten languages with talk-over capability and manual override.
  • Use Historical Starting Levels (previously established threshold) to speed testing.
  • Generate real-time STS calculations, with or without age correction, and notification letters.

Accurate, comprehensive reporting:

In the end, an audiometric testing program is only as good as the reporting and documentation that is generated. Too
often, these programs simply fail because records are missing or incomplete. Benson software analyzes data, creates customized reports, and allows for follow-up testing faster and more accurately.

When the employee leaves the trailer they receive a copy of their audiogram and RCCN staff keeps a signed copy for the Company Report.  We have the capability to show a Hearing Conservation video in English or Spanish which meets your
OSHA requirements for Hearing Conservation Training. Their hearing results are explained to the employee before the employee leaves the trailer. We can test 24-28 employee's per Hr. Even reports for the most complex audiometric
testing  program with hundreds of employees at multiple sites can be turned around in just days.

Every RCCN report is available to customers in real time, 24/7, at
RCCN does not require the use of employee's Social Security Numbers (SSN).

In order to address the growing concern over the use of SSNs as the unique identifier for employee medical records, RCCN assigns or uses client’s unique  employee  identification number. It is a 1-9-digit number and is unique to each client’s employee. This allows RCCN to maintain the integrity of the employee’s test records, stored within our system, without requiring the employer to provide the employee’s SSN.

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