Pulmonary Function Print

The KoKo portable spirometer is used for pulmonary function screenings. The spirometer exceeds American Thoracic Society recommendations for both ambient and BTPS-conditions (37° and 100% humidity)

  • On-Site Pulmonary Screening

    RCCN  has NIOSH/OSHA trained technicians perform the pulmonary screening and has our physicians perform the analysis of these results or RCCN can leave the results with your facility for review by your company physician.

  • Pulmonary Screening and Analysis Including Respirator Medical Clearance (PFT)

    RCCN  has NIOSH/OSHA trained technicians perform screenings and RCCN physician provides analysis and respirator medical clearance for those employees that need this clearance to perform their assigned work duties while wearing a respirator per OSHA requirements.
Click here to download a sample Pulmonary Function Report (PDF)

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