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The Gold Standard in Respirator Fit Testing

RCCN provides on-site Quantitative and Qualitative fit testing which helps your company determination of an employee's ability to wear, and the effectiveness of the face piece of the respirator, while performing assigned duties.

Quantitative Fit Testing (OSHA Redon Protocol)

RCCN technicians use the OHD Quantift Fit tester 3000 which  is a highly specialized instrument which utilizes the
scientifically proven and patented CNP (Controlled Negative Pressure) technology to directly measure respirator leakage.
The OHD Quantifit is accepted by OSHA and appears in the Federal Regulations governing fit testing ( 29CFR 1910.134).

With the OSHA approved 5 step CNP Redon respirator fit test protocol, a fit test can be performed in as little as 5 minutes.
The Redon protocol uses CNP technology's superior speed and accuracy to help achieve the best respirator fit possible.
The multiple donning required assures that the worker knows how to don the respirator correctly with each use.

RCCN will provide the employer with an employee signed copy of the Fit test results and the employee will also receive
a copy. The employee will also receive their annual Fit test card.

Employee Fit test results

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