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Red Flag Rules

In 2007 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) along wih other agencies published the Red Flag Rules defining what a creditior and financial institution must do to implement an Identity Theft Prevention Program.  This program requires those covered to identify at risk accounts and to define, detect and respond to red flags to prevent or mitigate identity theft.

Goals of Red Flag Rules

A goal of the Red Flag Rules is to help detect identity theft sooner instead of later.  Patients are not always capable of protecting themselves from identity theft, especially when the thief uses the stolen information to open a new account.  Patients cannot protect themselves against new account fraud by monitoring their existing accounts. According to the FTC, 24% of victims of fraud involving new accounts did not find out about it until six months after it started.

Red Flag Rules Enforcement Date

The date of implementation is currently August 1, 2009.  At that time, the policies and procedures will need to be in place in the clinics.  

Sample Red Flag Policies and Procedures 

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               Sample Red Flag Policies

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