SERPA Mission Statement Print

Our mission is to encourage the delivery of excellent, cost-effective, patient-focused healthcare in our communities.

We, the physicians affiliated with the South East Rural Physician Alliance are committed to providing continued access to quality healthcare in the network geographical area. Therefore we will:
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and "wellness" care
  • Maintain the high-quality healthcare already provided in our local communities
  • Stay abreast of new and exciting advances in medical technology – continually evaluate the possibilities of bringing that technology to our residents in the most appropriate setting
  • Educate rural physicians by monitoring utilization and developing practice protocols to assist in the provision of cost-effective care
  • Interact and work with our local rural hospitals to build cohesive relationships that allow both groups to function more
  • Access our local rural hospitals for assistance in areas of their "expertise"
  • Provide the advantage of "One Stop" contracting insurance companies desire by representing rural physicians and hospitals as aligned organizations in contract negotiations
  • Build stronger relationships with our local businesses and industries – evaluate opportunities to provide healthcare and/or workman's compensation injury care for their employees by direct contracting with a physician/hospital cooperative
  • Development of a managed-care programs
  • Be prepared and proactive in the development of Medicare managed care programs, and
Most importantly we, the physicians affiliated with the South East Rural Physician Alliance will provide an environment where local physicians can do what they do best – PRACTICE MEDICINE!