SERPA Accomplishments Print
    Offered two medical educational sessions.
    Offered three Clinic Manager Round Table meetings.
    Six representatives from SERPA attended a meeting with Interim Chancellor Rod Markin, MD, discussing issues related to recruiting rural family practice physicians.
    Peer Review Services conducting over 836 chart reviews.
    Increased to eighteen hospitals consistently using our peer review services.
    Provided Prescriber's Newsletter and SERPA Express News monthly to SERPA Members and Clinic Managers.    
    Exhibited at the Nebraska Hospital Association meeting.
    Conducted an annual Patient Satisfaction Survey for the 13th year.
    Offered a semi-annual Patient Satisfaction Survey.
    RCCN was awarded a continuation Outreach grant for workforce development for a total of $225,000 for the next two years.
    Outreach Grant workshop in  Washington D.C. Joleen presented on network building.
    In September, 2010, RCCN was awarded a workforce development grant from the Office of Rural Health Policy for a total of $600,000 for three years.
    RCCN Occupational Health and Safety program conducted over 7,309 hearing tests, 386 pulmonary function tests, and 49 respirator fit test (so far in 2011 we have conducted 110 respirator fit test).
    RCCN conducts hospital patient satisfaction survey, H-CAHPS surveys, Clinic patient satisfaction Surveys and Community surveys.  In 2010 RCCN staff handled over 21,500 individual surveys.