Current SERPA Projects Print
  • Most of SERPA’s physician members practice in rural areas that are served by Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs). SERPA members have taken on the challenge of providing physician peer review for rural hospitals across Nebraska. The hospital medical charts are blinded and sent to the physician reviewers. We review close to 830 hospital charts every year.
  • Quality healthcare is vital to our rural residents; one way of assuring that their needs are being met is to survey them. SERPA has conducted a Clinic Patient Satisfaction Survey annually since 1999 with over 86% of our clinics participating each year.
  • SERPA has been actively involved in quality programs since 1995. In the past, SERPA was awarded a HRSA-Office of Rural Health Policy Outreach grant for diabetes.
  • SERPA is the physician partner in the Rural Comprehensive Care Network (RCCN).  Since 1997,  RCCN has been awarded different grants and has been active in promoting high quality care in rural areas.  Currently RCCN has received a HRSA-Office of Rural Health Policy Outreach Grant for Recruitment and Retention of Patient Care Professionals and a Workforce Grant. The network includes partners from SERPA and Blue River Valley Healthcare Network - local hospitals
  • SERPA members are very active in other medical organizations. Through the Nebraska Medical Association, SERPA has been very supportive of the state prompt-payment legislation.